Kitchen Design Proposal at #thelaydenlegacy Transitional Farmhouse Glam Dream House French Modern White Timeless Marble Inspiration

Kitchen Design Proposal at #thelaydenlegacy Transitional Farmhouse Glam Dream House French Modern White Timeless Marble Inspiration

The Moment You’ve Been Waiting For…

There are some things in life I just can’t change.  Among these are my birth date of April 27th! Yep- I’m a Taurus! (Shout out to all of you other stubborn bulls out there!!!) My family members– although I do wish I could change some of them just a little from time to time. (Rolling on the floor laughing).   And my age.  Ugh!  (Why do I have to get older tho?)   I also can’t change where I came from (hello small town in America! Population 15 (my family/extended family- haha!) nor can I change my bone structure or my metabolism.  Although I do admit I took those two for granted when I was younger!

And then there are the things I actually can change…Like my hair color every other month (It’s no wonder my hair won’t grow longer! Lol!) or my forehead wrinkles (still working up the courage to take care of those!)  I have a tendency to change up my workout routine often, and (to be honest) Scott still can’t get over the fact that the kids and I change our clothing up to 5 times a day–which in turn leads to a huge laundry problem… and speaking of things I should change–I really HATE changing over the laundry (anyone else out there “forget” about the wet clothes in the washer and then have to rewash them 3 times!).

Over the past year I have also learned that I can change a kitchen design 152 times.  (Honestly- NOT one of my claims to fame!) But I do owe a huge shout out to Zach and Eunice at Springhill Woodworks for working with me on my kitchen design for over a year! BUT really… if you think about it, the kitchen will be the most important space in my home- other than my private bathroom (that I repeat NO ONE is allowed to step foot in…ever!  Is that a little harsh!? I don’t think so.  But really- I’m not over exaggerating here- there are endless decisions regarding a kitchen.  I can assure you that no matter how many images you pin on Pinterest you are still gonna be stumped at some point in the kitchen design process.  Appliances, cabinet color, cabinet drawer style, crown moulding style, cabinet height, hood type, wood type, island size, hardware, countertops, lighting, electrical, the list goes on and on.


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I’ve had a lot of time to think about what I’d want in my dream kitchen.  Being that I have lived in a small house for 15 years with a tiny kitchen-no dishwasher, minimal cabinets and counterspace- I thought when the time came to design my dream space I would be confident in what I wanted.  Well, it turns out that with designing a dream kitchen comes with 1 million more decisions…and as those of you know– decision making is NOT my forte!  Ugh! I knew I wanted some white in my kitchen.  I was also certain I did not want an all white kitchen.  I knew I wanted a giant French range, two dishwashers, and deep breath (hopefully marble countertops– still trying to make that happen!)

Thankfully, I hired a designer to help me through the custom home building process, and Andrea West of  Andrea West Design has proven once again to be an invaluable resource to me.  Nevertheless, even after Andrea’s Kitchen Design Proposal, it was ultimately up to me to work through some of the nitty gritty, and it’s safe to say that designing kitchens will definitely NOT be in my future plans.  Without any further ado- I’d like to share some kitchen inspiration below.  If you know the owner of the images not tagged, please message me so I can give credit.