THE PELOTON BIKE – Is it worth it?


Not to be confused with Pelaton, Pelatin, Pelaten, Peliton, Peliten, Pelitan, Pelotin, Pelotan, Peletan, Peletin, Peletan, or Peleton BIKE…

Wow. I never knew a name could be mispelled so many ways!  But at any rate, chances are you have probably heard about the “newish” fitness craze sweeping the world by storm.  There is so much hype over the Peloton bike, that every single time I post a picture of it on my instagram stories, my inbox and dm’s are flooded with messages and questions- so what better time than now to devote an entire blog post to my Peloton bike.   After all, it not only has a cult following, but as you probably already gathered, an identity of it’s own- just make sure when you’re referring to it, you spell the name right, OKAY?  It’s PELOTON.

The PELOTON BIKE- What is it?  How much will it cost you?  Is it worth the exorbitant cost? What do I love about the bike?  What do I dislike? Why are people so obsessed with it? and most importantly- Will owning one really help you reach your fitness goals?  Can you lose weight by taking spinning classes?

I seriously can’t wait to tell you all about my latest fitness obsession- the bike that goes nowhere (or in my specific case actually takes me EVERYWHERE.  It’s amazing how strong and invincible I feel during and after riding…)




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What is The Peloton Bike?

In a nutshell- the Peloton Bike is a piece of luxury fitness equipment.  It’s a high end, internet connected spinning bike that streams live group spinning classes from their New York City studio right to the comforts of your own living room.  So imagine being in a spinning class with the best instructors in the world, riding with your friends anywhere in the world, choosing from 1000’s of rides daily with every music choice possible.   Sound too good to be true?  I thought so too, until I tried it… joined the craze, and haven’t looked back since… I really wish I had this bike when my babies were smaller.

How much will it cost you?

Ugh.  If the saying is true- you get what you pay for, then I actually feel as if I am actually not paying enough to own a Peloton Bike… (My husband may disagree! Ha!)  That is HOW MUCH I love my Peloton Bike.  The bike is going to set you back $2,245 (for the record- my husband currently drives a car to work that isn’t even valued at the cost of this bike, and I say that because I by no means am taking the cost of the bike lightly!).  In addition to the cost of the bike, one must pay a monthly membership, which is currently $39 a month or $468 a year.  When I purchased my Peloton, they were running a special with Affirm for qualified buyers, 0% interest for 39 months, at $58.  My husband viewed that offer as a “win-win” (and lucky for me) I became the proud owner of my very own Peloton bike.  I can also guarantee that I will most likely not ever step foot in a spinning studio again. Lol.

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Is it worth the exorbitant cost?

Now before you start sending me messages, let me explain how I justify buying such a high ticket item… this kind of luxury fitness equipment is an INVESTMENT.  Essentially for only $97 a month, I have access to unlimited spinning classes at home–and anyone that has ever gone to a boutique fitness studio knows that taking just 5 spinning classes a month could actually cost that much.  Needless to say, we were both sold.  So, yes, the cost to own one can be exorbitant.  It’s an investment for sure, but one that Scott and I felt was actually saving us money in the long run.  Taking spinning classes at the studio at $15 a class, only 3x a week would cost $180 a month with no ownership. That doesn’t count parking, gas to and from the gym, (snacks or drive thru “rewards” after I finish my class. LOL.)  Honestly, investing in a Peloton Bike for us was a no brainer, and has proven to be worth every single penny.

What do I love about the bike?

I could talk about all the things I absolutely love about the bike for hours.  I really wish this post was sponsored, but unfortunately for me it’s not. Lol. I just love my bike so much and here are some reasons why…

The Instructors are AMAZING.

Simply put, they are the best in the entire world.  I used to dream of living in New York City, and being able to attend boutique spinning classes.   With the Peloton app I feel like I’m there!  All of the instructors are totally different in their teaching styles, so depending on your current mood can determine which instructor you want to ride with.  I truly love all the instructors–I think I’ve rode with all of them at least once–  but If I had to choose my favorites, I love riding with Christine on days when I need inspiration, Cody is my man crush and has such a great fun spirit, and Olivia is small but mighty.  She kicks my butt every single ride.  And if I save up enough money, I can actually go to New York City and ride live with all of the on demand riders as well.  (Now that is a goal I have for the year I turn 40!)

Use it from comforts of your OWN HOME.

It literally takes up NO space!  My bike is currently in my living room (and my living room is small!)  I don’t have to put on makeup or wear nice workout sets (lol).  Although I admit I do some of the time–  (If you’re new here it’s important for you to know I don’t leave my house without makeup.  Maybe it goes back to my acne days, or maybe I just love the way it makes me feel, but regardless– it’s SO NICE being able to ride in the comforts of your house.)  No driving to the gym.  There is so much less money and time spent when you are able to just jump on a ride at any time on demand when it fits your schedule.

The Peloton COMMUNITY is like no other.

I love seeing my name of the leaderboard (which is the board on your screen when you’re in a live ride that shows you your rank.). It’s so motivating and I love pushing myself.  You can give “high fives” to other riders as well as “follow” others in the app.  Essentially you can ride with friends anywhere in the world.  It’s something I used to only dream about being able to do.  The Peloton Official Facebook Group is 200,000 strong and growing every day.  It is such a supportive group, and I love being a part of it.  The support of the group is very motivational, and it really gives you that extra push to show up each day.

The bike is extremely WELL CONSTRUCTED.

I have taken spinning classes over the years in several boutique studios, and this is the best made bike I have ever rode.  The shoes that clip in are amazing and so much better than the straps.  I love the fact that the cadence (speed) and resistance are so accurate and allow you to ride with such precision.  It’s a luxury bike and it is constructed to perfection.  Peloton really nailed the details.

What do I dislike about the bike?

Nothing.  There is nothing I absolutely dislike about the bike, but if I have to be extremely nit picky…

Some of the music.

So, I’m not sure exactly what happened, but Peloton ran into some music licensing issues.  I would love to ride to more current Top 40 Favorites, although I do feel that in the past couple of months it has gotten a little bit better than when I started riding.

Not enough live rides in the later evenings.

I love riding live, but there are limited rides in the later evenings (which is when I ride 9/10 times). I am hoping they will begin to offer more live rides later in the evening as the company grows.

The high cost.

Like I said before, I think the high cost is 100 percent worth it– but owning a bike is expensive.  There’s just no way around it.

More structured riding programs.

I would love if the Peloton app provided more structured programs and riding schedules, kind of like what Beachbody on Demand offers.   I have noticed they have been offering more programs, so I’m sure as they see a need for this,  they will expand.

Will riding the bike alone help you reach your fitness goals?

Yes. and No.

If you’re new here, two years ago I went on a major fitness kick and “found myself again”, with fitness being the driving force behind my change.  I first wrote about my fitness journey here.   I recently hurt my shoulder, so I’ve had to cut back on weight training, and  I have been unable to do all of my tried and true Beachbody on Demand workouts.  I started looking for alternatives to my Beachbody workouts (BTW I AM NOT A BEACHBODY COACH – I just love the workouts because they actually WORK!) so when I stumbled upon Peloton, I decided to bite the bullet.   I am not a newbie to spinning classes- as I have done classes at the studio for years– and most recently owned a Spinner Fit Bike, that I admit– I barely used.

It’s so convenient, hopping on the bike, that in a few short months, I have already joined the Peloton Century Club- where they congratulated with me with the free Century Club shirt I’m wearing in the pictures.  The company is that awesome!  So Yes. Peloton will help you reach your fitness goals because you’re burning a ton of calories each ride (I burn anywhere from 300-600 calories per ride depending on the length and intensity), but riding miles everyday without any strength training after age 30 (just like any cardio activity) will only take you so far.  To be honest, I can definitely tell since I have had to stop lifting so heavy and have increased my cardio activity, it is getting harder than ever to maintain my weight.  I am less lean and defined (but maybe I’m just eating too many nachos and getting older… who knows!). The Peloton app does offer core workouts and strength training, so I obviously think you should combine bike riding with strength training for optimal results.    I honestly did not buy the bike to “lose weight” but rather to maintain my current weight, so I can’t attest to using it for weight loss, but I have lots of friends that have achieved massive weight loss with the Peloton Bike alone!

Why are people so obsessed with Peloton?  

Because it’s simply amazing!  It’s something that as I ride, I honestly feel it’s too good to be true. I’m just so grateful to own this bike and be a part of the Peloton community.  It has changed my life for the better.  Coming from a person who used to have to travel over 30 miles to the spinning studio, had a hard time finding child care to attend the spin studio, and usually ate or drank some calories on the way home (lol), having my own boutique fitness studio in my home has exceeded all of my expectations.


As I end this post, (and if you made it this far- thank you so much for reading)– the only question that remains in my opinion–

Is it in the budget buy a PELOTON TREAD tomorrow?

Make sure to follow me on the Leaderboard – #JustBeingJess!  See you all soon!

Use my  AFFILIATE CODE “BYG4VX” when you purchase your own Peloton Bike and save $100 off accessories!




  1. May 20, 2020 / 3:15 am

    I was going to get a Schwinn. I may have to rethink that now. My husband will not be happy.

    • Jessicalayden
      September 24, 2020 / 7:23 pm

      I highly recommend you go straight for the Peloton. I love it.

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