About Me

Hi!  I’m Jessica,  the author behind Just Being Jessica and I’m so happy you’re here to join me on this exciting adventure.  For many years, I dreamed of creating a space that was the “real life reel” of all the passions I have in this wonderful life!   Sadly, I never thought I would see my ideas come to fruition, because for me it was just that- a dream… a dream I spent a lot of time thinking about, but one I never thought I would actually have the courage to pursue.

Just Being Jessica.  Yes, this is ME!

I’m a country mom with a city girl’s heart.

I’m the girl who is an extroverted introvert.

I love drinking coffee at midnight.

Obsessed with exercising, but obsessed with nachos and cheese more.

Always searching for Louis Vuitton at T.J.Maxx.

Prayed for my mother’s patience but got my dad’s short temper.

Continuously suffering from wanderlust–yet love the comfort of living in the small town in which I grew up.

I dislike change except when it involves my hair color!

 Black and White.

I love Forever 21 as much as Nordstrom.

Winter. Spring. Summer. Fall.  I love them all!

Aspiring Pinterest Mom who loves ordering from Amazon Prime.

Undecided on whether I love the McDonald’s drive thru more than fine dining.

Believer in fate but stronger believer in my faith.

The Mountains and the Beach are equals in my opinion.

Finally decided on my college major 15 years too late.  Is it too late? Ha

Gerber daisies and Red Roses are my favorites.  Who am I kidding?  All flowers!

Imperfect recovering perfectionist.

Still deciding which I like more- red or nude lipstick? Ten shades of each please!

Procrastinator always struggling to be on time.

Aspiring Water Drinker.  Currently iced tea with a splash of sweet lover.

Overdresser who loves lululemon pants.

Broadway shows are always equal to pop concerts.

I’m a Taurus sign hoping to learn more about Astronomy.

Loves trying a new recipe as much as a new restaurant.

Aspiring lifestyle and fashion blogger–who doesn’t believe in oversharing on personal social media networks.

Football. Basketball.Baseball in no particular order.

Lover and Best friend.

Believes that Faith is greater than Fear.

Over user of the words Faith, Hope, and Love!

To be GREAT at ONE THING or GOOD at MANY?  I’m striving for BOTH.

Prior to facing my fears and launching Just Being Jessica…

I’ve been a stay at home mother to three totally different children who are all my favorites- Anna, Ian, and Elle. I became an eBay PowerSeller, was an over involved PTA member, and tried my luck as a self proclaimed freelance amateur photographer.  I am a three time hyperemesis gravidarum HG survivor (one of the world’s rare diseases).

I married my college sweetheart, Scott, nearly 14 years ago.  We were the fourth generation married on October 23rd in the same church we currently attend with our family.  We went viral when our wedding was featured in the local newspaper.  Just kidding- but it was totally “viral worthy”, right?!?   Scott and I met while attending the university in my backyard, where I graduated with my degree in Business Marketing.  In that life phase, I interned with Macy’s department stores, drove across the country from Pennsylvania to California and back again, and backpacked through Europe while studying abroad in England.  Then, I made the tough decision of not moving away from the one horse town I grew up in, so I went back to the same small state college for my Master’s degree in Education.  Being a substitute teacher for awhile really tested my limits– and my strength!

I hope that one day I can learn to play the piano as well as my oldest daughter, be as quick witted as my son, and as lovable as my preschooler.  This is me!  I hope we can connect and be friends!

Thank you so much for joining me on this exciting adventure!

I hope when you leave, you will feel more inspired than when you came.

I hope that by following along on my journey, I can help YOU live your BEST LIFE!





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