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OMG!  Does anyone out there relate? I never in a million years could have imagined that hair salons across America would be closed indefinitely.  But enter in Covid-19, and suddenly women across America have been faced with a FIRST WORLD PROBLEM greater than any of us could have ever imagined: ROOT REGROWTH.  I mean, aren’t “roots” the only thing that blondes, brunettes, gingers, and black haired beauties have in common?


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I repeat- I will not be held responsible for what I say when I have roots.  I also will not be held responsible for the crazy things I do when I have roots.  Root regrowth is not a good look on me.  Physically OR mentally.  I am not even kidding when I say my  family has begged and pleaded for me to take care of my “problem”.  Strangely, I don’t think I have ever had let my “roots” go this long in the past five years (what are we going on, over 2 full months in quarantine?).  And believe me when I say this– if there are two things I am faithful too, it is Scott AND my roots. LOL.  Guys-  I know it is in my best interest (and my family’s) to make it to my 3-4 week professional root touch ups, but let’s face it…Life happens. The world ends.

Just kidding… Actually I’m not even kidding (and I definitely wouldn’t be if it wasn’t for what I am about to share with you – LOL). Oh, I know it sounds SO VAIN, but I kinda don’t even care.

In all seriousness, I am an extremely busy mother of three.  My kids are involved in a billion activities.  I work a lot.  My kids have been known to get sick (and never all at the same time).  I also do get sick on occasion.  (I had to cancel a hair appointment once because I had the stomach flu.  For your information, roots combined with the stomach flu is not a good combination.)  I am also a three time survivor of Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  When I was pregnant and on home health for extended periods of time, I was physically unable to even get my hair done.  Those were some horrific moments let me tell you.

At one point when Scott was working on his doctorate, and I was a full time stay at home mom, I simply didn’t have the extra money to get my hair professionally done.  I don’t live in a perfect world, and there have been some instances prior to Covid-19 that going to a professional hairdresser was not an option.  There have been some times that I have not been able to get to a hair appointment for 5-6 weeks.  (Insert here that I can be Scott’s worst nightmare when this happens.)

Luckily, I eventually discovered a product for when these situations occur, and I have been unable to go the hair salon.  Yes…that’s right…I have a secret weapon in my arsenal of beauty products that I totally  swear by.  AND I think that Covid-19 is the perfect time to let you in on my (not so) little secret.  Oh man.  I totally feel like a sacrificial lamb right now.  Showing you my true colors…literally and figuratively– exposing my regrowth with the sole intention to HELP YOU.  But I care about you all, and I want to help you solve your hair problems during this most difficult time.  I sincerely hope that by writing this post, I can help you solve a problem.  And if so, the only thing that will not be in VAIN is my effort.

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5 Reasons I LOVE Style Edit Root Concealer

1.  It is super easy to use!

The pinpoint applicator allows for a very easy and precise color application.  Unlike other sprays I have tried, the applicator allows targeted application.  It is not messy, and there is no waste.

2.  It looks so natural!

The color adaptive pigments stick to the hair fibers providing a very natural look!  I am amazed at the perfect match the product has provided, and how it blends seamlessly with my existing hair color.  I have been using the MEDIUM BROWN color, but I could probably go to the DARK BROWN as well. The product is natural on any kind of hair type or texture.  For the record, my hair is very dry and coarse, and this product works perfectly.  The best part about Style Edit is that it has products for all hair colors, so whether you have brown hair, blonde hair, black hair, or red hair– Style Edit has a product that can work for you!

3.  It is ethically sourced.

I love that the products from Style Edit contain no harsh sulphates, no silicones, and no parabens.  It is also a cruelty free product.  It is not itchy, and it is great for sensitive scalps.  For this reason, it’s a great alternative to permanent hair color when pregnant or nursing.

4.  It is wind, rain, and sweat resistant!

The true test for me was riding my Peloton bike after I had just applied the product.  Anyone over 30 who has ever rode a Peloton bike knows that by the end of a ride you are drenched in sweat, even after using two towels and wearing a headband.  I am absolutely amazed that this product didn’t budge.  On a different occasion, I was caught in a rainstorm on my evening three mile walk with my mom, and I was equally amazed that the product was still in place after being drenched.  It’s the real deal friends.

5. It’s truly one of a kind!

I am not kidding when I say that the product contains no flaking, has no transfer, and is NOT STICKY!  Surprisingly, I have found that it has lasted through a rigorous shampoo session.  For this reason, I do recommend using a clarifying shampoo prior to a professional hair appointment if you are using this root touch up on a regular basis.  I have found a clarifying shampoo, like this one or this one works well to remove the product.

So, there you have it.  For literally a fraction of the cost of a root touch up at a salon- this product has the ability to literally transform your roots wthin seconds.  Don’t believe me?  Try it yourself.  I think you’ll be as amazed as me as to what it can do.


Thank you so much for reading!  I hope you all come back soon!  If you have any questions regarding the Style Edit products be sure to reach out!  I love hearing from you, and will help you in any way that I can.


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