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Ahhh… It is so beautiful for me to reflect on the year 2000- back when Scott and I were just “friends”!  I remember something that made me instantly attracted to him was the fact that he could make a decision in about 5 seconds flat.  He would probably say 4.43 seconds. Ha.  Anyhow- I was amazed that someone could be SO DECISIVE and yet so confident in their decisions.

Then there is me.  I have always been a very indecisive person.  I’m not sure if it results from the fact that I am alway striving for perfection to a “fault’, or the fact that I have a tendency to overthink everything– but I admit that I can turn a meaningless decision into an earth shattering one pretty quickly.  What should I order at Starbucks today?  What kind of garbage bags should I buy?  Does this organic chicken breast come from chickens raised on 1 acre of pasture or 5 acres of pasture?  Which is better?  Which pair of jeans will I like for the next 2 years?

And somehow- God spoke- and the most decisive person on earth and the most indecisive person on earth got married– and fireworks have been lighting up the sky ever since!  LOL!  I think we’re a pretty great match if I must say so myself.  We’re complete opposites on so many things- yet on the most important things in life, we think and feel exactly the same!

I have been told a million times that building a custom home from scratch will not only test your marriage, but will drive you insane because there are around 1 BILLION decisions to make.  Big decisions.  Small decisions.  Meaningless decisions.  Earth shattering decisions.  Yes.  Where you dig a foundation is actually earth shattering!   I’m not really worried about whether our marriage will surive the process… I am most worried about whether my own sanity can handle all of these decisions.

It has been extremely stressful for both of us… and the decisions we have had to make have been very difficult.  BUT!!!  Brace yourself!!!  Leading up to this point, I have been able to make most decisions pretty easily, because as indecisive as I am with some things…with other things I know exactly what I want –so I guess you could say that the decisions so far have balanced out!  I also hired a designer – Andrea of Andrea West Design has been a lifesaver to me!

Also- if you follow me on Instagram @jessicalayden, then you already know that I relate building a house to lots of other things in life, and I would say with certainty that building a house has not only helped me start a blog, but it has also helped me stick to a fitness routine, aided in my personal growth of letting go of perfectionism, and empowered me to allow myself grace in almost all areas!  I know that our house will not be perfect and we will make mistakes along the way, but that is how anything in life is…. and you have to START SOMEWHERE!   Thank you again for joining me on this journey and for following along.  Blogging has been so therapeutic for me and I never realized how passionate I would be about sharing so many parts of my life.



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As I mentioned previously… Andrea of Andrea West Interior Design has been my most valuable asset in the decision making process for our custom home.  We discussed what I was looking for in terms of the exterior and she proposed some amazing concepts.  Below are the two concepts I am deciding between.  Do I chose black windows and full stucco as shown in Option 1?  Or do I choose white windows and a warm door with more earth tones as shown in Option 3?  The home I live in now is a traditional red brick home with stark white windows.  I love LOVE LOVE white windows….they are so classic and never go out of style– but I also consider myself a trendy person and I do like to take risks.  Black windows are just so dreamy!  I love them but will they remain timeless and will they translate to the interior of the home?   I feel this is the hardest decision I’ve had to make!  How will I ever choose? I’m losing sleep!





1 or 3?

This is the hardest decision I have yet to make in regards to our home!

It determines the whole direction of the design going forward!

I just can’t decide!


Comments, messages, & Instagram follows will be greatly appreciated!  Send me all of your suggestions ASAP!

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