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  • Virgo
  • Very Left Brained
  • Loves Statistics
  • Knew 20 Years ago he would be a Statistics Professor
  • Still wearing the clothes he wore in College.
  • Thinks Burberry is a food group.
  • Believes all food is edible.
  • College Frat Boy
  • Went to Catholic School for several years
  • Excellent Memory
  • Amazing Problem Solver
  • Cold on the Outside
  • Loves doing Mental Math in Spare Time
  • Thought he had no chance with Jessica



  • Taurus
  • Very Right Brained
  • Got an A in College Statistics with Scott as her tutor.  (True Story!)
  • Finally figured out what I wanted to do with life 20 years later.
  • Can’t stop shopping! (Doesn’t fit any clothes from college!)
  • Dreaming of one day owning a Burberry Trench coat.
  • Food Snob
  • College Ambassador (Said she would never “date” a Frat Boy!)
  • Catholic School Drop Out (Lasted three months in Kindergarten.)
  • Can’t remember what day it is!
  • Runs from Problems (Ha!)
  • Wears Heart on her Sleeve
  • Can’t figure out what 50% off of $10 is…
  • Thought she had no chance with Scott


I am definitely thinking about my next meal.

Is it time for lunch?

Why does this look like a foreign language?

I actually haven’t touched a calculator since College.


Ahhh.. Opposites definitely do attract if I must say so myself.  Here we are almost 20 years and 3 kids later!  Through the ups and downs of life and marriage, it sure was fun to look back to and reminisce about where our relationship began.   So– Anyways…. maybe I’m going through a mid-life crisis with our costumes (LOL!)… or maybe I’m dreaming about our wonderful college days that we spent together with virtually no responsibility…. Maybe I’m just wondering what college would have been like if we both went to a Catholic Prep University (we did not!)…Maybe I’m envisioning that I am Blair and Scott is Chuck and we live in New York City.  (I never did find out who Gossip Girl is and I don’t know if Chuck ever ended up with Blair- If they didn’t I will be totally devastated by the way… I’ve been watching the last season for the past 6 years…)

But at any rate- it’s been real and it’s been so much fun!  I hope you enjoyed our easy to recreate couples halloween costume and that you had a fun and memorable Halloween 2019!

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