Outfit Ideas for Timeless Family Pictures

My name is Jessica and I have a love/hate relationship with many things in my life.

  •  Weight training. [Still questioning why excessive amounts of cardio won’t make me look “ripped”…]
  •  Eating at Taco Bell. [Side note:  I have not eaten at Taco Bell since the toilet paper shortage.]
  • Binge watching Netflix until 2 AM. [And swearing to myself I won’t do it again the next night…until the next night comes…]
  • Applying self tanner at home. [Why can’t I reach my own back?]
  • Building #thelaydenlegacy [Going on over THREE years of pure stressful bliss!]
  • Living over 30 minutes from Starbucks [Thank heavens this is a reality or I would be frequenting the drive thru more often than I already do!]
  • And LAST BUT NOT LEAST– Family photo sessions! [Somehow they fall into the love/hate category and need no further explanation…Am I right?]

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For many people, the words “FAMILY PHOTO SESSION” make them want to crawl into a hole–  I know.  I know.  It is so challenging to get everything and everyone gathered and coordinated for a simple one hour family photography session– but the end result is always so worth it!  When I see the final images I am reminded that my insane efforts were not in vain.   [Until the planning and execution begins for the next year! Ha!]

I always love the results of our family photos so much that I actually tell my family it’s the ONLY thing I want for Christmas every year.  [Am I telling the truth?  I’ll leave that up to you to decide!] My family is always especially thankful when I make them partake in the session on our annual family vacation!  I’m kidding.  Well, I guess their unspoken prayers were answered this year due to COVID-19, as we were unable to do our annual family photos at the beach.  As a result, I opted for a styled winter session instead!  I am so happy with how our photos turned out that I may never do them on vacation again!  I sure hope you come back to my blog soon to see if I’m serious!

Be sure to keep reading for an amazing giveaway at the bottom of this post!


I get asked a lot about the thought process behind how I plan for timeless family images year after year.  I’m talking about planning for images that you can be proud to display and share for years to come in your home  (and not have to ever worry about being subject to inclusion in the Awkward Family Photos Revised Edition).


1.  Choose your attire first.

“Your”, as in YOU.  If you’ve stumbled upon this post– YOU most likely are the matriarch, the glue that holds everything and everyone together…the master of all…AKA MOM.  I know when it comes to family pictures and (everything else in life…) we have a tendency to put ourselves LAST.  But in order to get amazing family pictures, you have to choose your attire FIRST.  I usually find a dress (because I love dresses!) that I love, and then I will coordinate the rest of the family’s attire around my final selection. You can shop my green velvet dress here.


2.  Limit mixing too many patterns and prints.

Unless you are a personal stylist or have hired one, prints and pattern can get very tricky and more often than not could really clash!  If I choose a printed dress, then I usually dress everyone else in solid colored attire.  If my girls’ dresses/outfits have patterns or prints, I dress everyone else in solids… make sense?  Good, because the end result is usually stellar!

3.  Stick to neutrals.  

When styling timeless family photos, I typically always choose neutrals.  For men, a black suit and white dress shirt is timeless, and will truly never go out of style.  Thus, this is why the guys in our family wear this for family pictures 90 percent of the time.

Even though I love trends, and consider myself a trendsetter,  I typically try to stay away from super trendy dresses or attire for family pictures.  This is always helpful as well because neutral family photos blend in with basically any home decor, which means they can be displayed in your home timelessly for years to come.

4.  Choose a basic location. 

If you know me, I am pretty far from basic, with the exception of my Dunkin’ coffee order–Can I please get a Carmel iced Coffee with only 2 pumps of Carmel Swirl and 2 percent milk instead of cream please?!?!

When choosing a location for family photos, I absolutely love outdoor pictures usually taken during the golden hour.  I try not to overcomplicate the location.  Hey– it’s the only thing I don’t over complicate in life so I’ll take it. LOL.

5.  Choose a photographer with a timeless photography and editing style.  

If you are going through the effort of family photos,  it only makes sense to hire a professional photographer so you can be sure your efforts are not in vain.  This year I chose Jamie Steetle Photography located in the Greater Pittsburgh (specifically Indiana, PA) because she takes a great variety of both natural and posed pictures.  I feel 100 percent unposed photos are gorgeous– but as my mother always says, people want to see your face looking straight at the camera– and now that I’m older I agree with her 100 percent. I always want to make sure we have several posed shots looking directly at the camera.  It’s fun to also have relaxed photos as well, but at the end of the day the posed pictures are probably more timeless (I can’t believe my mom was right…AGAIN!)

I hope the tips above help you create timeless photos for your own family photo sessions!  AND now for the moment I’ve been waiting for!  I am just so grateful for each of you following along on my blog and social accounts!  It has been forever since I hosted a giveaway!  I know what a rough year it has been for everyone.  I have teamed up with Jamie Steetle Photography to give one lucky family their very own photo session redeemable during the year 2021!   Yes!  One family will win a photo session for their very own timeless pictures!  I’m so excited to give this away to one lucky reader because Jamie is an incredible artist!  The images she creates are timeless and will be cherished for generations!



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Giveaway runs from January 28th, 2021 to February 1st, 2021.  Winner will be announced on February 2nd, 2021.   Valid for one family photo session in the year 2021. Must be redeemed at a location in Western Pennsylvania – Pittsburgh region within 50 miles of Indiana, PA.


Good luck and thank you for entering!










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